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50% Discount


We offer a 50% discount on *all items listed for $100 or more, with cash orders by postal mail. This could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on the item.



Why do we offer such a discount for cash payments?


No, we're not trying to avoid taxes!! We pay taxes on every penny. We offer such a drastic discount on cash payments for other reasons.

1. We would rather not wait for eCheck clearances or fund holds. Sometimes it takes up to 30 days for us to be paid. Sometimes longer.

2. We don't have to worry about surprise transaction fee increases when a client pays with cash.

3. We don't have to worry about credit card charge backs.

4. We don’t have to worry about insufficient funds.

5. We don’t have to worry about fraud or theft.

6. Quite a few customers ask to send cash since they don't want a paper trail for personal reasons.




How to pay with cash.


When we say cash, we mean actual, literal cash - not paper checks, money orders, or bank checks. Cold, hard cash in USD only.

For us to pull a listed item you plan to purchase through cash, you must send a non-refundable $25 deposit through our website that will be applied to the balance.

An example. An item is listed for $100. A customer wants to pay cash bringing the item down to $50. The customer pays a deposit of $25 through PayPal (on our website). We pull the item from our website. The customer then mails us the $25 balance in cash, and we ship the item.

To pay a deposit on an item, please click here. Unless otherwise stated, we will pull the listing between 1 to 12 hours of receiving your deposit. If someone buys the item before we’re able to pull the listing, we will refund your deposit.

After we pull the listing, the cash payment must be to us within 10 calendar days or we will repost the listing. Again, the deposit is non-refundable.




FAQ About Cash Payments ~


Can I combine the cash discount with a sale through your website?

The 50% cash offer cannot be combined with any other discount or sale offer.


Can I get the 50% discount through PayPal instead of sending cash?

Unless we’re running a sale for that amount, the only way to receive 50% off is by cash payments via postal mail.


Can I pay one deposit for multiple items?

A separate deposit must be paid for each item you want.


Can I get the discount on orders totaling $100 or more (for instance, several oil potions that total $100)?

The discount is only for individual items that are listed for $100 or more. The discount doesn't apply to oils, glosses, or teas, even in bulk or if the oil totals more than $100.


Can I do a lay-a-way plan through cash?

The entire balance has to be paid within 10 days. We don’t offer credit or lay-a-way options.


I paid full price for an item on Etsy before I learned about the 50% cash discount. Can I cancel the Etsy order and reorder on your website?

Unfortunately, once an order is started on Etsy, it can't be cancelled or changed. Please keep the on-site discount in mind for future orders.




The safest way to send cash ~


Place the paper with your order information and cash into an envelope. Put that envelope into a USPS Priority Mail small flat-rate envelope and send. This is the least expensive, safest way to ship cash. Express delivery (1 to 3 business days), tracking, and insurance is included with that option.

We cannot send change back to you, so please send the exact amount or round to the higher dollar if you'd rather not send coins. (Example: If an item is discounted to 75.35, and you don't want to send coins, please send $76.) Tips are welcomed and deeply appreciated.

It's perfectly legal to send cash through the mail. But it's probably not a good idea to tell the postal workers your envelope contains cash to avoid theft.

We’ve been in business since 2005, and we currently have 3 online businesses. Many clients and customers have sent cash for services and products over the years. Their cash has never gotten lost or stolen. And today's mail is safer than ever with video cams, secure trail, instant online tracking, text notifications, and registered delivery points. It's extremely secure.




Instructions ~


To get started, please pay your deposit by clicking here. Then email us directly or fill out the contact form letting us know you made a deposit and on which item. We'll email you within 1 business day with the amount you owe (50% off minus the $25 deposit), our mailing address, and full instructions about completing your purchase.


To be fair to all our customers, we can’t make exceptions to the policies stated. Thank you.

*This offer does not include bulk listings on oil potions, bath teas, or lip glosses/balm.