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Scariest Doll in Town ~ Update on Haunted Doll Eliza

April 30, 2023

Several people have asked about Eliza. Here’s an update ~

Eliza was one of the most haunted dolls we’re ever had in our care. She originally belonged to my paternal great grandmother, then she belonged to my aunt (my great grandmother's granddaughter) for over 50 years. The first time I saw her "in person" was when she was brought to me in 2019. But I heard about her since I was a little girl.

My great grandmother was a devout Irish Catholic, and a master tarot reader. She collected dolls. Eliza was her last doll, and she was close to her the last few years of her very long life. After my great grandmother's passing, my aunt inherited the doll.

It seems that a powerful dark spirit attached to Eliza.

My aunt was rumored to practice black magic. I wasn’t close to her, and we never discussed the rumors. But we, at Bloo Moon, believe a dark spirit attached to this doll through her rituals, whether intentional or not.

Eliza seemed to have a will of her own. My cousin and his son lived with my aunt, and he was terrified of this doll. He said she moved from room to room. Plates, vases, and ashtrays flew across the room and shattered in pieces in her presence. He believed she was responsible for making my aunt's enemies sick, injured, and causing marital and job losses.

When he was alone in the house, he often heard a woman's voice cursing and yelling in the "doll room". A few times, when he turned his back on the doll, he heard the same woman's voice threaten him. And he saw the doll move several times. Her head, eyes, arms, legs, and entire body.

My aunt was private when it came to her relationship with the doll. The only thing she ever said was to stay away from it. "Don't touch it and don't even look at it," she'd tell family members. It was always in a place where children couldn't reach it.

Finally, my cousin begged her to turn Eliza over to us. Since her grandson was also terrified, my aunt reluctantly agreed.

So then Eliza was with us. And I wished she wasn't.

I didn't like the energy that came from that doll. It was thick and creepy. We had to be careful who she went to. We wouldn't sell her to a person with no experience with dark haunted items. We only considered someone who was truly up for it. Since she only had two owners, one was heavily involved with ritual magic, we had no idea how she would react to a new person. The energy could die completely or it could react wildly with intense, increasing activity.

We had countless inquiries about her on Etsy. People were intrigued but frightened. One day, a man named Michael came to a booth we set up at a fall fair. We took Eliza with us, but we didn’t plan to sell her. She was on display for "atmosphere". He mockingly asked to buy her. We refused. As things started to wind down, we noticed Eliza was gone. Two $50 bills were in her place. We knew Michael took her, but we didn’t have contact info for him.

Three months later, a woman pounded on our office door. It was Michael’s wife, Olivia. She had a horrible story to tell us.

Apparently, Michael got drunk and insulted the doll. Later that night, Michael and Olivia were sitting in the living room watching TV and a knife came flying through the air from the dark kitchen and plunged into the wall just over Michael’s head. When they went into the kitchen, they saw Eliza standing on the table, just “looking” at them. When Olivia came home from work the next day, she found Michael on the kitchen floor with a knife sticking out of his chest. Eliza was on the floor next to him.

After the funeral, she tried to burn Eliza, but the doll wouldn’t burn. A neighbor named Kate came over to see what the fuss was about. She thought Olivia was distraught over losing her husband and not thinking clearly. But Olivia kept warning Kate about the doll. The neighbor wouldn’t listen. She thought the doll needed some TLC so she took her home and tried to fix her up. Three days later, Kate was found by her husband dead in her bed with the doll by her side. Her death was ruled a heart attack. She was in her early 60s and in great shape, so it was a shock.

From there, Eliza went to Kate’s granddaughter, Kirsty. Kristy was a happy 20 year old college student. She was on honor roll and a popular cheerleader with a lot of friends and a loving boyfriend. She enjoyed time with her family so much that she decided to live at home rather than an apartment close to campus. After receiving the doll, she said she had a strange, overwhelming feeling of dread. That very day. She brushed it off as grief since she just lost her grandmother. But the feeling didn’t pass after several weeks. It got worse, yet her spirits were still high. She still participated in her regular activities, and she was flourishing at school.

One day, she came home from class exhausted. She went to her bedroom for a nap. When her mother tried to wake her for dinner, Kirsty was gone. She committed suicide with an overdose of sleeping pills. Eliza was by her side. That was the oddest part. Kirsty didn’t like Eliza, and she kept her hidden under blankets at the bottom of her closet. When Olivia heard about the third death relating to this doll, she asked Kirsty’s mother for it. She gladly gave it to her. And that’s how Eliza ended up back with us.

I had no interest in selling her at that point. The energy coming from that doll created the darkest, sickest feeling I've ever felt. Much more intensely than when I originally received her.  It was difficult to even look at her. My aunt passed away in 2020, so I couldn’t give the doll back to her. I immediately shipped it to her son who, by then, moved to the other side of the country. And that’s where Eliza is right now. She’s somewhere in northern California, behind thick, dark glass in a chained, triple locked case.

She’ll remain there forever unless someone dares to unlock her chains. And if they do, they’ll soon find out, she’s the scariest doll they’ll ever have.

Good Night, Eliza.

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