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Why does "Enchantments" appear on my bank card statement and your PayPal buttons instead of Bloo Moon Antiques?

Enchantments is part of the name of our main company, and Bloo Moon Antiques is a subsidiary. Therefore, "Enchantments" will appear on your bank statements when you make a purchase with us.


What are unique features?

There are unique features for many listings. Some of which are included story prints, free gifts with your purchase, or combined discounts. Free shipping is included with every purchase on our website. Please check each individual listing for special offers and free gifts.


Do you offer a payment plan?

No, we are currently not accepting any payment plans or lay-a-ways. However, we are able to provide a half-off discount for all items $100 or higher. (This isn't referring to order totals. Items only.) For details about how to get 50 percent off, please click here.


I paid full price for an item on Etsy before I discovered your 50 percent cash discount option on your website. Can I cancel my Etsy order and reorder with the 50 percent discount on your website?

Unfortunately, once an order is started on Etsy, it can't be cancelled or changed. Please keep the 50 percent discount in mind for future orders.


How quickly do you respond to inquiries?

We respond within 24 hours during the business week and within 24 hours of the following business day if you contact us during the weekend or holiday break.


What is your shipping policy?

We offer free shipping on all items sold on our website. We use the USPS Priority or First-Class. Tracking and insurance is included with all packages.

We ship once or twice per week, some Mondays and always on Thursdays or the closest business day if the Thursday falls on a holiday break. Regular shipping time is 1 to 5 business days. We ship quickly, but there is no express shipping at this time. This may change in the future.

We are not responsible for lost packages or damage caused by the postal service while an item is enroute. If damage is caused after a package leaves us or lost enroute, you must file a claim with the post office to receive a refund on your item. The free insurance we provide is limited.  If you’d like additional insurance, we have a listing for that in the Extras category. Please add it to your order.

We only ship to addresses within the USA. If you live outside the US and want to order from us, please secure a US shipping address through a mailing service.

About 50 percent of our orders are shipped through recycled shipping boxes and packaging paper to support the environment and for economical benefits. We only reuse boxes and paper that are in proper condition, and we use all new shipping envelopes and cushioning material (such as bubble wrap).

"Please don't judge a package by its box. We reuse and recycle to reduce." - ©2023BlooMoonAntiques


Does paying a higher price mean the item will be "activated"?

The price of an item is set due to its age, type, history, and the amount we paid for it. The prices of items sold on consignment are set by the owners of those items. Everything is reasonably priced based on those factors. However, we cannot promise or guarantee activity with any item that has a haunted, enchanted, or charmed history. At the same time, we want to emphasis, there may be intense activity. Only buy an item with such a history if you completely understand both possibilities, and if you're a patient person pertaining to these possibilities.


What are the purposes of your unique handmade items?

Our handmade items are oil potions, teas, and lip glosses/balms. They tie into our shop well because they’re created with antique (old) recipes and formulas and many of them have a deep spiritual component. Some can help aid in conjuring, keeping, or repelling spirits or spiritual energy. Some are for specific purposes. Some are seasonal. All are high-quality and handmade-to-order. Since everyone interprets things differently, how you use the item is entirely up to you. However, each listing provides guidance and purpose.


Do the haunted, enchanted and charmed items have supernatural or paranormal powers?

Many of our items have fascinating histories, and we present that history to you.  We are not claiming that any item sold on our website has paranormal or supernatural powers. We are simply telling their unusual, intriguing stories. Regardless of the experiences of others, we cannot guarantee an item will produce a supernatural or paranormal result. Each item is sold "as is" without expressed or implied warranties or guarantees. To comply with the law we must state, all items sold on this website are for entertainment and/or curio purposes only and are subject to your own interpretation.


Could you provide more information about an item?

We provide all the information we have on an item in the listing. Most listings are extremely detailed providing background, history, stories, updates if applicable, and a complete description of the item with several pictures. So anything we know will already be visible through the listing. If, after reading the listing, you still have questions regarding a piece, please feel free to contact us. However, we may not be able to provide any further information than what's already posted.


Can I leave a review?

Since most items are one-of-a-kind, they won't be relisted on the site. So to leave review for a one-of-a-kind product, please find the product you want to review in your account under order history. You must have an account on our website and be a verified purchaser of that item to review it. You may use a screen name, your initials, or your legal name to post reviews. Please keep in mind that all reviews are public and may appear on search engines. We cannot alter or delete reviews so if you don't want your legal name to appear publicly, please use a screen name or initials.


May I print the stories?

Text, stories, people, and/or characters may be real, dramatic, theatrical, literal, created, actual, historical, poetic, romantic, fictional, or non-fictional, depending on the context. Stories and pictures fall under web publications and original work and are copyrighted material. Stories and pictures are the exclusive property of the owners of Bloo Moon Antiques with exclusive publishing and production rights, and are NOT to be reprinted (hard copy), resold, or used under electronic (digital) media without written permission. Everything is copyrighted and registered at the US Library of Congress. All Rights Reserved.


Do the owners believe the items are haunted?

We have always loved history and mysteries. Haunted items gives you both. While we're natural skeptics and question the authenticity of everything, we definitely believe in God and the spiritual world. It makes sense that strong personalities, tragic events, or wonderful circumstances can lead to energy imprints on special objects. Maybe the wedding ring a dear old lady wore for 60 years, the favorite toy of a child who departed unexpectedly, or the dress of a woman who drowned at the hands of a jilted lover could produce energy imprints on those items. While we don't believe every claim or story, we are confident that most are true. But what we believe isn't important. What you believe is. If you're drawn to an object, there's a reason. If you can't get it off your mind, it's calling to you. If you keep coming back to it with intrigue and wonder, it's meant to be yours.


Can I join your mailing list?

Absolutely! We send out notices once or twice per month regarding new listings, give-a-ways, new blog posts, and special offers. Please use the contact form to join our mailing list or for any other inquiries. You can find it here. You could also follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube by clicking the icons below.