Payment Plans

Payment Plans are for *ESTABLISHED customers ONLY for items $100 or more.

To hold an item, we will need a down payment of one-third, second payment of one-third 30 days later, and the remaining balance 30 days after that.

If a shipping fee applies, it will be added to the final payment.

The item will be shipped after it's paid in full.

We will send you a PayPal statement for each payment. The name appearing on your statement will not be "Bloo Moon" but will be the name of our main company, "Enchantment".

The down payment and final payments are non-refundable. If you make the final payment, the item will be shipped.

If you do not send the subsequent payment(s) within seven calendar days, the plan will be cancelled. Second payment, if paid, will be refunded, and the item will be relisted for sale.

Please Note: We cannot pull an item from the website until the down payment is secured.

*Established customer means someone who ordered from us in the past.