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Terms & Condition of Sale -

By purchasing from this website, you agree to the following:


We accept all major credit and debit cards, eChecks, and PayPal Direct.  Your item will be shipped after payment clears. IMPORTANT: The name on your statement will NOT read Bloo Moon, but will rather read the name of our main company. Please carefully view your immediate PayPal receipt for that information.  


Copyright 2019 Bloo Moon Antiques. Registered at the US Library of Congress. All Rights Reserved. Stories and pictures are the exclusive property of Bloo Moon Antiques and are NOT to be reprinted or resold without written permission.  


Due to the nature of the items sold on this site, all products and items are sold "as is" without warranty or guarantee. There are no returns, refunds, cancellations or exchanges. All sales final.  However, if you have a problem with your order, please inform us promptly. 


IMPORTANT: We ONLY ship within the USA (including Hawaii and Alaska). Most items are "Ready To Ship". We ship once or twice per week, some Tuesdays and always on Fridays or the closest business day if the upcoming Friday falls on a holiday (or holiday break). So regular shipping time is 1 to 5 business days. We ship through UPS or the USPS, Priority or First-Class. Tracking and insurance is included with all packages. We will send you the tracking number for your records. We are not responsible for damage caused enroute. All packages are insured. If damage is caused enroute, the post office is responsible for the damage. We will help you file a claim


We ship quickly, but there is no express shipping at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Magickal items are for religious, spiritual, or entertainment purposes and are sold as curios. We are not responsible for allergic reactions, damage, injury, or accident from use, misuse, or wear of any of our products. 


Text, stories, people, and/or characters may be real, dramatic, theatrical, literal, created, actual, historical, poetic, romantic, fictional, or non-fictional. Any ads listed in the zine/magazine or our web publications are not necessarily the beliefs of owners and staff of Bloo Moon Antiques. 


The items will arrive to you as we receive or find them. We do not spiritually cleanse, physically restore, or even dust off this items. They're all sold "as is". We don't want to disturb their energy state as any part of the object is an extension of that energy. If you, as the owner, decide to clean or restore the item, that's your choice, of course, though many people do not. By sending the object to you the way we received it, you can make the decision rather than us making it for you.

Personal Opinion: From my life-long familiarity with haunted and spiritually-charged items, I'm well aware that intelligent energy (which can come from life and earth sources) needs to be in a comfortable and secure position before reacting. This is not a kooky or ridiculous claim. It's a fact that energy exists, cannot be destroyed, but can be transferred. Please allow time for your item to "bond" to you before you see results of paranormal activity or magickal/spiritual manifestations. Bonding could happen immediately, or it could happen in six months or a year. In some cases, it doesn't happen at all for one person but a friend or a family member or even a pet could cause a reaction. If you're magnetically drawn to an item, it's meant for you. That doesn't mean it will "open up" to you immediately. But it does mean, it most likely will.


We can't verify the claims made by others, and we are NOT asserting the objects sold on this site have magical or paranormal powers. We are simply presenting the history as told to us, as well as our personal experiences. Please note the prices are set due to the item itself, its age status, and its interesting and unique history. Also, we mark up fairly and reasonably based on the price WE paid for the item when we purchased it from the previous owner.  However, we cannot guarantee activity. At the same time, WE WANT TO EMPHASIS THERE MAY BE SHOCKINGLY INTENSE ACTIVITY. Only buy an item if you're a patient person pertaining to both possibilities. 


We cannot guarantee the age or authenticity of any item listed on this website. However, we do the very best we can, by research and our own investigations, to verify what's told to us by others. Many of our items have a unique history, and we present that history to you. Some stories come to us from second or third hand sources, but some are personal. Regardless of our personal beliefs and experiences, or the beliefs and experiences of others, we cannot guarantee any item will produce a supernatural or paranormal result for you. We are not claiming that any item sold on this website has magical, paranormal, or supernatural powers. We are simply presenting the history of the item. Each item is sold "as is" without an expressed or implied warranty or guarantee. 
We make no representation as to the validity, authenticity, or quality of the items sold on this website or our Etsy store regardless of the name, description, story or indication.  We are not responsible for any allergic reactions, accidents, injury, damage, or loss as a direct or indirect result of purchasing a product from this website or out Etsy store. To comply with the law, we must state all items sold on this site are for entertainment purposes only. Must be 18 or old to purchase from us.

If you disagree with any part of the Terms and Condition of Sale, do not purchase from this website.