Bulk & Wholesale

We offer wholesale for retail businesses and bulk orders for individuals and party & fundraising events.

Items that can be ordered wholesale and bulk include ~

Beautiful Artisan Candles (two sizes available)
Beautiful Artisan Soaps (plain or fancy)
Artisan Glitter Bath Potions
Artisan Perfume Oils
Artisan Lip Gloss
Artisan Shimmering Dust Powders
Artisan Specialty Teas (seven in a pack)

For Bulk Orders ~

If you've never ordered the item before, please order a sample before placing a bulk order.

Bulk orders for showers, bridal gifts, or fundraisers receive a 10 percent discount.  The minimum is 12 of the same item.

Half payment of the total order is required at the time of ordering. The remainder is due before the shipment is sent. A shipping charge applies and will be added to the second bill. A PayPal statement will be sent to you for both payments.

Items are handmade so time is needed to complete them. For small and small-medium orders, one to two weeks is the usual turn around time. For medium and large orders, two to six weeks would be needed. I can provide a definite time frame after we discuss the project. Please keep the preparation time frame in mind if you have an upcoming event.

For individuals who want bulk items for personal use, there will be a 5 percent discount for 6 to 11 of the same item and a 10 percent discount for 12 or more of the same item, paid in advanced. Turn around time depends upon my schedule.  I can provide a definite time frame after I receive the order. Please contact us with the items you want, the number, and your PayPal address. Payment is due upon receipt.

Bulk orders can only be sent within the United States. No refunds, returns, or cancellations.

Wholesale (for retailers) ~

We're pretty flexible with wholesale orders. Please order samples before placing a large order.

The wholesale order may be small and simple or extremely large. There is a minimum of $35 for orders within the United States and $100 minimum for international orders. Shipping charges depend upon the weight of the order and the country.

Discounts for wholesalers are between 10 and 25 percent, depending upon the size of the order and the items ordered.

Turn around time depends on the size of the order and my schedule. All items are handmade so time is needed to properly create them. Generally, one to two weeks on small and medium orders and up to four weeks on large orders.

If you're a retailer and wish to purchase products from us wholesale, the law requires we gather certain information.

We will need your full name, address, store or business name, URL, and a copy of your Sales Tax ID Certificate clearly showing your name and/or company name and ID Number.  We may need various other documents from you depending upon the requirements of your state, province, region and/or country. This may included a photo ID and a copy of your business or resale license - again, depending on where you're located.

We work with several retailers worldwide, including boutiques, shops, and online retailers in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

Note: Our ability to work with you depends upon the laws in your country.

Please contact us to get started.

Thank you!