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Strikingly Beautiful Engagement Ring. Holds Incredible Spiritual Energy. Highly Romantic Dark Love. Hauntingly Vague. Intriguing History.

Strikingly Beautiful Engagement Ring. Holds Incredible Spiritual Energy. Highly Romantic Dark Love. Hauntingly Vague. Intriguing History.
Strikingly Beautiful Engagement Ring. Holds Incredible Spiritual Energy. Highly Romantic Dark Love. Hauntingly Vague. Intriguing History.
Strikingly Beautiful Engagement Ring. Holds Incredible Spiritual Energy. Highly Romantic Dark Love. Hauntingly Vague. Intriguing History.
Strikingly Beautiful Engagement Ring. Holds Incredible Spiritual Energy. Highly Romantic Dark Love. Hauntingly Vague. Intriguing History. Strikingly Beautiful Engagement Ring. Holds Incredible Spiritual Energy. Highly Romantic Dark Love. Hauntingly Vague. Intriguing History. Strikingly Beautiful Engagement Ring. Holds Incredible Spiritual Energy. Highly Romantic Dark Love. Hauntingly Vague. Intriguing History.
Strikingly Beautiful Engagement Ring. Holds Incredible Spiritual Energy. Highly Romantic Dark Love. Hauntingly Vague. Intriguing History.
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Important ~ The center stone is not a diamond. There was no option for this type of spectacular stone, and we had to choose an option. That's why it states diamond. Also, size 7 is a "best guess". It could be smaller.

Here’s the story . . .

In the late 1970s, a young woman named Sherry left her home in Washington state and started hitchhiking south. Somewhere in Oregon, she met a guy named Jeremy. Jeremy was a roaming tattoo artist, and he agreed to give Sherry a tattoo before they parted ways. He added a heart to the tattoo of a kitten she requested. They fell in love at that moment, and Sherry stayed with him.

They ended up traveling to New Orleans. They got a small apartment in a shady area of town. It was supposed to be temporary, but they ended up staying longer than they'd hoped.

During their time there, Sherry noticed odd behavior from Jeremy. He would become quiet and withdrawn. Certain things were out of place or vanished all together. Rope, kitchen knives, scissors, and bottles of liquor. Sometimes Jeremy would come home with stains on his clothes and no explanation about how it happened. But he was a hard worker, and he treated Sherry extremely well, so she didn't want to push the issue.

In the early 1980s, Sherry learned of her pregnancy. She planned to tell Jeremy on the very day he planned to propose marriage to her. She cooked a special dinner, and they both said they had something to tell the other. Jeremy told Sherry to go first. She told him she was carrying his baby. He was thrilled! He got up, went to Sherry and got down on one knee. That's when he presented this incredible ring to her. They were so happy.

Sherry was out one afternoon shopping a couple weeks later. She stopped at an outdoor cafe for some coffee and a muffin. A woman named Paula approached her. She sat down, and they started chatting. Sherry learned that Paula was new to the area and didn't have any money or a place to stay. Sherry felt an immediate friendship connection to Paula and told her she could stay with her and Jeremy for a while until she got a job and on her feet. They left for the apartment.

When Jeremy came home later in the evening, Sherry introduced Paula and asked if she could stay there for a while. Jeremy became visibly upset but kept his composure. He didn't say a word. He grabbed a beer out of the refrigerator, went to the bedroom, and slammed the door.

Things at the apartment became tense over the next several weeks. Until that point, Jeremy never said anything about Paula, but he became distant towards Sherry. He seemed angry all the time, although he wasn't the type to outwardly show that anger. In the meantime, Sherry's pregnancy was starting to show. The stress of the living situation started to become too much. Even though Sherry and Paula became very close got along exceptionally well, she debated on whether to tell Paula to leave or not.

One Friday, Sherry woke to find Paula gone which was unusual. She noticed a half empty coffee pot which indicated Jeremy woke, filled his large coffee mug, and left for work. She got dressed, went to an appointment with he obstetrician, went out to lunch, and then did some shopping. It was around 4 p.m. when she returned to the apartment.

The door was unlocked, which was cause for alarm because none of them ever left the door unlocked. She went in quietly, put her purse and bags down in the entrance way, and slowly started walking in. When she made her way to the living room, she saw a woman lying on the floor. The woman was in her underwear, and she was bleeding from her head. At first, she thought it was Paula. The woman had long brown hair like Paula. When she looked closer, she realized it was a complete stranger. Sherry was terrified and started backing out of the apartment.

Suddenly, Paula rushed up from the stairwell, telling Sherry to quickly come with her. They reached the hallway outside the door. Suddenly, Jeremy appeared in the apartment doorway and told Sherry to stay, not to go with Paula. He started pulling her inside. Sherry blanked out.

Her next memory was giving birth at the hospital months later. She had a healthy baby boy who was immediately taken into foster care because Sherry wasn't in a good mental state. She learned that Jeremy was charged with a string or murders. He was currently awaiting trial. When she asked about Paula, the attending officers said Jeremy killed her.

Jeremy proclaimed his innocence the entire time but was convicted of the murders. Sherry changed her last name and moved to a neighboring state. She was able to get custody of her son a couple years later. Since Paula's body was never found, Sherry questioned whether Jeremy actually killed her or if something else was going on. It was a "can't put my finger on it" feeling that haunted her for years. Then she started having dreams and flash backs.

In her dreams and flashbacks, she saw the scene in the hallway. Both Jeremy and Paula had blood on their hands. They each had Sherry's hands and were pulling her in opposite directions. They were fighting with each other.

Another memory Sherry had was being in a dark forest with someone chasing her. It was raining, and she was cold and terrified. She kept looking behind her. She knew she wasn't alone, but she didn't know who was behind her.

In the late 1980s, Sherry got a letter from Jeremy. He was able to track her down from a friend he had on the "outside". She wrote him back. At first, the letters were short and casual. He asked about their son and if Sherry was married. She never became involved with anyone else after Jeremy. She still loved him and wore her engagement ring. After a while, the letters became deeper, romantic, and focused on the past.

Jeremy told Sherry he and Paula were romantically involved prior to Sherry meeting her at the cafe. The relationship between Paula and Jeremy was over for a year before Jeremy met Sherry. But Paula stalked him and wouldn't leave him alone. That's the reason he was so disturbed that she was staying there. He wanted rid of her. When Sherry asked why they broke up, Jeremey said Paula is a serial killer. When he found out, he ended the relationship. He was blamed for her crimes! Sherry questioned this because she remembered Jeremy coming home with stains on his clothes and knives and ropes missing from the house. It was all so shocking! Jeremy also told Sherry that Paula tried to kill her. He stopped her in the moment, but couldn't stop her permanently. She got away, and she was still out there somewhere.

This information came to Sherry just after strange events started happening in he home.

She would come home from work, and the door would be unlocked and the lights on. She always left her keys on a hook in the foyer, but they'd come up missing. Her favorite sweater suddenly disappeared. Makeup and hair barrettes weren’t where they should have been. She'd buy food for her son that would vanish. Her son said he saw a strange person dressed in black in the backyard staring at the house.

What happened next is still being debated.

Sherry's son came home from school to find her dead. She was hanging from a noose in the middle of the hallway. A note was pinned on her with illegible scribble. Her distinctive engagement ring was gone. Sherry never, ever took the ring off. She loved it as much as she loved Jeremy. When Sherry's son pointed this out along with the weird events, there was a question about whether the suicide was staged.

Sherry's son went to live with his estranged grandmother (Sherry's mother) in Washington state. By this time, it was the mid 1990s, and Sherry's son was about 12 years old. One day, he didn't come home from school. The grandmother became alarmed and contacted the police. The boy was missing for three weeks when he walked into a police station in northern California. He said his name and that he was kidnapped. He didn't know how long he was missing. He went on to tell his story.

Paula kidnapped him. She and a man abducted him while he was walking home from school. They drove a long while, then blind folded him and took him into a basement where they chained his leg. She took him because he was Jeremy's son. The child never saw the man again. It was only Paula who came down with food and water. One day, she dropped a set of keys. Before she had a chance to pick them up, the boy punched her in the face as hard as he could several times. He knocked her out, quickly found the key to unlock the chain, and ran out of there.

When he made it up from the ground floor, he was flabbergasted by what he saw. There was a shrine set up to his father, Jeremy, in the living room. The pictures of several women (victims) were stuck to the walls in the dining room. And a large corner of that room was devoted just to his mother. Pictures of her were everywhere, along with her favorite sweater, her makeup, hair barrettes, and her engagement ring. The boy grabbed the ring before bolting out.

The house was in a rural area, and it took 24 hours of hiding and walking through heavily wooded areas and back roads before the boy reached a small town. When he finally spoke to the police, he wasn't able to tell them where the house was or Paula's last name. He was sent back to his grandmother and then to an aunt in New Hampshire.

When we bought this ring from Sherry and Jeremy's son, we were shown pictures of Jeremy and Sherry wearing the ring. We asked to buy the pictures, but he declined our offer. Sherry's energy is strongly imprinted on this ring, and that's exactly why he is selling it. He is so hurt by the events that took place and the history of this ring that he doesn't want it around him or his family any longer.

When asked if there were any paranormal events surrounding the ring, he told us that his grandmother and daughter had very strong visions of Sherry, Paula, Jeremy, and the details of the murders at different times when wearing the ring. Wearing it to bed has caused dreams and nightmares.

I wore the ring to bed on a gold chain after receiving it. After a week, I had an intense dream that Jeremy was telling the truth and Paula was actually the killer. And she's still out there.

Very intriguing item with an incredible history and fascinating energy.

Specifics ~

The ring is absolutely striking. No other word to describe it. It's rare, limited edition with a high-quality aurora borealis center stone and eight white sapphire side stones. The center stone is about 4 ct. resting on a gold embraced band. The size 7 is a best guess based on other jewelry Sherry owned, but the ring could be smaller. It may be worn on any finger, with a ring guard, or on a chain around the neck.

Care ~

Fine jewelry care is recommended. We recommend jewelry removal before showing, washing dishes, swimming, vigorous exercise, manicures, hand and body cream use, and chemical use (such as hair dye, harsh soaps, hand sanitizer, cleaning products, etc.) to avoid exposing the ring to harsh or damaging chemicals or residue that could cause a filmy appearance. Clean with appropriate jewelry cleaner, a soft brush, or soft cloth. Store in a dry area, in a jewelry box, jewelry holder, or jewelry bag. We are not responsible for damage caused by not following proper care instructions.

This ring is being sold on consignment. The owner set the price.

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